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Artificial Lightweight Aggregate and Lightweight Concrete for Structural Material
Artificial Light-Weight Aggregate,Light-Weight Concrete

Taiheiyo Asanolight

Reduces framework weight (30% less than ordinary concrete)
Reduces construction costs (About 5% less based on estimates)
Reduces running costs (Lowers air-conditioning load)
Performs just like ordinary concrete
Building structures (reinforced concrete frameworks and steel-framed slabs, etc.)
Concrete overlay for waterproof layers, concrete slab on grade, and concrete floors
Civil engineering structures (bridges and deck slabs, etc.)
Secondary concrete structures (curtain walls, etc.)
Offshore structures
Insulating materials
Dry sand for filling an underground storage tank room
Post-curing performance compares favorably with ordinary concrete.
Meets the requirements of JIS A 5002 (Lightweight aggregates for structural concrete).
Meets JASS 5 M-201: 2003 (Performance criterion for artificial lightweight aggregate)
Reduces weight as much as 30% compared to ordinary concrete. (Density is 23 kN/m3 for ordinary concrete, 16 to 20 kN/m3 for lightweight concrete )
Since horizontal force is reduced by lightening the weight, the upper framework (columns and beams) and the foundation (footings and piles) can be reduced in size. This is perfect for slender buildings constructed on narrow lots.
Effectively cuts costs when used for high-rise structures and long-span bridges.
Superb wear resistance makes it suited for concrete slab on grade and concrete floors.
Use in precast concrete products makes it possible to cut transport and work costs.
Contributes to lower running costs thanks to its excellent insulating properties.
Type of packing
1 cubic meter/flexible container
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