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High-Purity SiO2 (Silica) Powder

Using its extensive resource and technological know-how, Taiheiyo Cement Corporation has successfully manufactured a high-purity silica (SiO2) that can be used in a variety of applications.

Mineral composition : SiO2・nH2O (amorphous)
Purity : 99.99% or more
Particle size : Less than 3mm

Please contact us for more information on particle size.

Sample results for chemical analysis on contaminant composition (ppm)

B P Al Fe Ca V Ti
0.1 or less 0.1 or less 0.5 or less 1.0 or less 1.0 or less 0.5 or less 1.0 or less
Note: Results of quantitative analysis by ICP-AES

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High-Purity SiO2 (Silica) Powder

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