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Respecting Diversity


Promoting Diversity and the Empowerment of Women

We position promoting diversity and empowering women as a priority issue for creating an innovative labor force, and have set quantitative targets in the CSR Objectives for 2025 (formulated in May 2015) as announced in-house and outside the company. As of the end of March 2021, the ratio of female employees is 9.2%, and we are continuing with initiatives aimed at meeting our target. The ratio of newly appointed female managers in March 2021 was 10.7%, meaning that we have achieved our target.

In addition to the plan actioned in April 2021 and based on the Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation and the Act for Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, we are proactively recruiting female employees and taking measures to support their retention in order to open up more workplaces and career options for female employees. To further promote employee work-life balance management, including childcare management, we have set targets relating to the use of annual paid leave and encourage male employees to take childcare leave.

In terms of our systems, we improved the existing system regarding childcare and caregivers in FY2017, and in FY2018 established a system that made leave available at the time of a life event and a reemployment system. We introduced a telecommuting system in April 2020, and are working on initiatives to improve labor productivity and make diverse workstyles available.

In October 2017 we launched Kirakira Palette, a portal site that provides support for continuous employment and is an integrated source of information about fringe benefits and support available for childcare and caregiving. Kirakira Palette was launched in response to employee feedback stating that they did not know which kind of systems were available in the company and that they would like more details about them.

We are also committed to providing information concerning male participation in childcare. In October 2020 we invited an outside lecturer to talk about gender equality programs throughout Japan and childcare support, and held an in-house diversity forum exploring the idea of male participation in childcare.

We launched a program to train the next generation of leaders (for female employees) in December 2020, and this new initiative is scheduled to run until the end of FY2026. It is held for our younger employees, including new recruits and mid-level employees, and is designed to gradually boost their awareness of their leadership potential.

We will continue to promote initiatives to attract and retain female employees, train human resources capable of managing work-life balance, and improve in-house systems which support them in that. Via such work-life balance management initiatives we aim to become an organization where diverse human resources can make full use of their abilities.

Kirakira Palette portal site established

Kirakira Palette portal site established

Promoting Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

We have been working to improve the working environment for employees with disabilities, including the establishment of three special purpose subsidiaries. As a result, our employment rate of persons with disabilities has steadily improved. The rate was 2.50% as of June 2020 and the annual average employment rate for FY2021 was 2.61%, exceeding the statutory rate for the 14th consecutive year. The statutory employment rate was raised to 2.30% in March 2021. Our employment rate was 2.55% as of June 1, 2021, which also exceeded the statutory rate.

We intend to continue doing all we can to increase the number of employees with disabilities, including visiting schools, inviting school staff to our workplaces, collaborating with support organizations for persons with disabilities, and participating in recruitment events and seminars for persons with disabilities.

Trends in the Employment Rate for Persons with Disabilities (as of June 1 of each year)
 Trends in the Employment Rate for Persons with Disabilities (as of June 1 of each year)

*Statutory rate: Statutory employment rates were 1.8% until March 31, 2013, 2.0% until March 31, 2018, and are 2.2% since April 1, 2018.

Rehiring System for Employees Who Have Reached Retirement Age)

We rehire employees who want to continue working after they have reached the traditional retirement age of 60 until they become eligible for their pension. After they start receiving a pension, we rehire them in accordance with specific rehiring standards under a labor-management agreement until they are 65. We will continue to make sure there is a workplace for individuals who seek reemployment by expanding opportunities in group companies.

Number of Employees Rehired(Non-consolidated)

(Unit: person)

Employer 2020
Rehired by the company 51
Rehired by other companies (including some that are not group companies) 21
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