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1881 Cement Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (later named Onoda Cement Co., Ltd.) established
1883 Cement plant (later to become Nihon Cement Co., Ltd.) leased from the nationally run Fukagawa Works
1915 The current Kamiiso Plant acquired through a merger
1923 Chichibu Cement Co., Ltd. established
1932 Fujiwara Plant completed
1938 Tsukumi Plant (currently Oita Plant) acquired through a merger
1939 Saeki Plant (currently Oita Plant) acquired through a merger
1940 Tosa Plant (currently Tosa office) acquired through a merger
1949 Stock listed
1955 Saitama Plant completed
1962 Kumagaya Plant completed
1972 All stock of Myojo Cement Co., Ltd., acquired
1989 Dalian Huaneng-Onoda Cement Co., Ltd., (currently Dalian Onoda Cement Co., Ltd.) established in China
1990 U.S.-based California Portland Cement Company (currently CalPortland Company) purchased
1993 Jiangnan Onoda Cement Co., Ltd. established in China
1994 Onoda Cement Co., Ltd., and Chichibu Cement Co., Ltd., merged, forming Chichibu Onoda Cement Corporation
1995 Nghi Son Cement Corporation established in Vietnam
1998 Chichibu Onoda Cement Corporation and Nihon Cement Co., Ltd., merged, forming Taiheiyo Cement Corporation
2001 Sales of Ecocement commenced
Business recycling municipal waste incineration ash (Ash Washing System) started
2002 Cement Industry Voluntary Action Plan for Sustainable Development launched
Operation of the Applied Kiln (AK) System commenced
2004 Management and organizational reforms made and an in-house company system adopted
2008 10 Medium-Term Management Plan established
2009 Companywide ISO 14001 integrated certification registered
Head office relocated to Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
2020 Head office relocated to Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

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