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The Taiheiyo Cement Group has worked to solve social issues through cement production for more than 140 years.
We recognize that these initiatives themselves are both our social mission and material to our business.

Identifying Risks and Opportunities

Summary of the Collection, Evaluation and Identification of Company-wide Risks

The Taiheiyo Cement Group conducts “collection, evaluation and identification of company-wide risks” every three years. This time (FY2023) the initiative was conducted with the purpose of identifying company-wide risks that could have a significant impact on uncertainty of Group management in light of the significantly changed business environment and risks.

Process of Collection, Evaluation and Identification of Company-wide Risks

Step 1
Conduct a comprehensive inventory of risks at our 38 business sites and identify risks that could hinder the achievement of the goals of the 23 Medium-Term Management Plan and key sustainability issues that were reviewed in FY2023.
Step 2
Gather and analyze information related to the situation of and concerns about the identified risks, and identify company-wide risks that could have a significant impact on uncertainty of Group management
Step 3
Review company-wide risks (Risk Management & Compliance Committee)
Step 4
Determine company-wide risks (Sustainability Management Committee)

Identified "company-wide risks," business opportunities and business strategies

Company-wide risks Business opportunities Business Strategies
Risk of increase in the number and severity of natural disasters and aging facilities and equipment
  • Increasing demand for environmentally sound products (with low CO2 emissions)
  • Measures to strengthen urban areas and prevent and mitigate natural disasters
  • Steady transition to carbon neutrality
  • Supply critical materials for national resilience
  • Key player in the formation of a circular economy
Risk of business fluctuations in the supply chain
  • Transition to a circular economy
  • Reorganization of supply chain, succession of businesses from other companies
Human resource-related risks
  • Acceleration of DX and digitalization
  • Acquisition of human resources as a leading sustainability company
Third-party opinion

 Your materiality selection process is orthodox and the KPIs and timeline, as well as the associated guidelines, are sensible. “Carbon neutrality" and "circular economy" are your two most important themes, and a "circular economy" will lead to CO2 emission reductions while bringing growth and profitability at the same time. This is truly a business that has proven its strategic characteristics in the era of SX (Sustainability Transformation). On the other hand, the new business model of expanding CO2 capture and utilization under the CO2 recovery kiln commercialization concept with mechanical plant companies and gas companies is a step up to a European-style circular economy. I am confident that your company's historic corporate mission to "build the nation using cement" will continue with its unifying force and brilliance in the future.

Toshio Arima
Chairman of the Board
Global Compact Network Japan


 For more than 140 years the Taiheiyo Cement Group has supported the development of infrastructure and living environments by supplying society with high quality cement and construction materials, while conducting our business in consideration of the global environment. Based on these experiences, we have identified the materiality of sustainability issues in order to organize the form and direction we should aim for when addressing the various environmental and social challenges we face, beginning with climate change.

Materiality Identification Process

 The process was conducted in three steps, from identification of issues to validation. As a result, a total of 12 materialities were identified from financial aspects, environmental aspects and social aspects.

* SDGs, ISO 26000, GRI Standards, ESG assessment agency evaluation items, GCCA Sustainability Framework, etc.

Identified materialities

 Twelve themes of "higher" and "extremely high" importance were designated as material.

List of Materialities and main KPIs

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