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Information Disclosure

We are exerting our strongest efforts to provide information through various media to foster stakeholder understanding of and trust in our activities while incorporating feedback and other information we receive into our daily IR activities and management.

Information Disclosure Policy

  • Attitude toward Information Disclosure
    We believe that gaining the understanding and trust of our stakeholders through information disclosure is essential for achieving the Taiheiyo Cement Group Mission. We also recognize that the active disclosure of information is part of our corporate social responsibility.
  • Basic Policy
    We disclose corporate information appropriately and in a timely manner, on a fair and equitable basis.
  • Scope of Disclosure
    We disclose information in compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other relevant laws, securities exchange rules, and other regulations. We also actively disclose information we deem useful to stakeholders.
  • Method of Disclosure
    We use the most appropriate disclosure methods, including news releases, our company website, various publications, and briefing sessions. We use the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where the company is listed, to disclose information that falls under the stock exchange's security listing regulations. After disclosure via TDnet, we promptly post the information on our website.
  • Systems Development
    We make efforts to develop and enhance internal systems for disclosing information in accordance with this policy. We also attempt to keep officers and employees informed of this policy.

IR Activities

We are committed to disclosing information about our group in an appropriate and timely manner in order to enable our shareholders and investors to accurately determine our group's corporate value. We hold results briefings with institutional investors twice each year to enable our top management to communicate our management policies directly. In FY2020 we again held individual meetings and participated in IR conferences organized by a securities company. We also provide tours of our production sites.

IR Activities (FY2020)

Activities Events Attendees
Results briefings 2 121
Individual meetings and
small meeting
149 179
IR conferences organized by
securities companies
1 6

■Information Disclosure Tools


We post press releases as well as information on our products and services, recruitment and R&D division on our website.

>Technical Journal “CEM’S”

We publish “CEM’S” (a technical journal for users of our products) quarterly. The journal provides commentaries on technological trends in the field of cement and concrete, construction materials and the environment. It also introduces timely R&D activities, the latest construction examples and other information.

>R&D Report

We publish a summary of our R&D outcomes twice each year. Extracts from back issues are also available on our website.

>In-house Newsletter “Taiheiyo”

We publish six issues of our newsletter each year to communicate our management policy, group events, employee comments and other information. For the September 2015 issue, we introduced the section “SHINE UP Communication” to present our initiatives as well as cases for creating workplaces where each employee can work more comfortably.

The newsletter is distributed to our local communities and the mass media as well as in-house.

Note: In this Website, FY means fiscal years shown are as of end of March in the year indicated.