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 This website is intended to provide information about Taiheiyo Cement Corporation to investors; it is not for the purpose of soliciting investment in our stock. We urge investors to make investment-related decisions based on their own judgment.

 Moreover, while we are careful to ensure accuracy when publishing information at this website, we make no guarantees whatsoever regarding any content found on this website. Also we shall accept no liability whatsoever regarding any damages suffered based on information published on this website.

 All statements included in, but not limited to, our plans, strategies, and performance forecasts published on this website, except for past performance, are forward-looking statements; they are prepared based on such things as information that is currently obtainable by the Company and assumptions related to uncertain factors that could affect future performance. Accordingly, actual performance results released in the future may differ from forward-looking references and statements appearing herein.

Investor Relations

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