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Organization Structure

As the research and development division of the Taiheiyo Cement group, we provide core technological functions for all group companies.

R&D Department I

This department engages in technology development related to the quality design and quality management on which supports "Taiheiyo Cement Quality" is founded, as well as developing technologies aimed at overseas development. Furthermore, it actively engages in basic research regarding cement production processes and material properties, maximization of usage of recycled materials in cement production, environmental impact reductions, and energy-saving.


R&D Department II

As user needs grow more diverse and complex, this department researches concrete technologies for differentiation of Taiheiyo Cement group products and the maximal leveraging of their capabilities. The group's accumulated technical expertise is used to implement concrete solutions, providing the world-class technologies which support Taiheiyo brand cement concrete, one of the world's top cement brands.


R&D Department III

This department works to increase the value of Taiheiyo Cement's existing resources and further develop its environmental technologies, as well as engaging in research and development in order to take on new targets as the engine that drives our materials business in new business fields such as the growing new energy field, energy savings, environmental restoration, and water treatment.


Intellectual Property Department

This department establishes and implements intellectual property strategies unified with the Taiheiyo Cement group's business strategies and R&D strategies. Specifically, it builds patent networks by issuing patent applications and acquiring patent rights, carries out intellectual property management focused on selection and concentration, performs patent information studies and analysis and uses the results in establishing business strategies, manages technology contracts and licenses, and contributes to improved profitability for the Taiheiyo Cement group through the effective use of intellectual property in a wide range of business activities.


Research and Technology Development

Taiheiyo Cement Central Research Laboratory

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