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Organization Structure

Our mission as a research and development division of Taiheiyo Cement Group is to provide core technological services to all group companies.

Cement & Concrete Research Department

The Cement & Concrete Research Department carries out technological development with special focus on design and control of cement quality, which is the basis of "Taiheiyo of the Quality", as well as on further expansion into the global market. Their other activities include fundamental research on the cement manufacturing process and material properties, research and development of materials that immobilize heavy metals in soil, and technological development for carbon neutrality. They also promote development of basic concrete technologies and concrete solutions with their technical expertise, and any other activities to support the Taiheiyo brand cement and concrete strategy with their world-class technologies.


Mineral Resources & Environmental Research Department

The main purpose of the Mineral Resources & Environmental Research Department is to enhance the added value of the Company’s resources and further deepen the environmental technologies. They are specifically working on development of functional materials such as lithium ion battery cathode materials and hollow particles, water-related technologies such as treatment and purification of various types of wastewater, technologies to achieve carbon neutrality, and environment-related technologies including advanced waste recycling technologies.


Research & Development Promotion Department

The Research & Development Promotion Department is responsible for managing operation and research activities at the Laboratory and planning commercialization. The other important task is development of AI/IoT-based technologies, such as structure maintenance and management techniques and concrete quality prediction system, that contribute to productivity improvement and manpower saving. They promote commercialization of products and technologies developed, with the aim of "enhancing the research and development system that serves as the engine of growth".


New X-formation Step Team

A new team has been organized for a practical study on the design of Taiheiyo Cement Group Joint Research and Development Center. The name NEXST is an acronym for “New X-formation Step Team”. They are responsible for creating a detailed design of the Joint Research and Development Center, arranging technical consultation among group companies, and working for early creation of market-oriented new business and themes in collaboration with business divisions.


Intellectual Property Department

The Intellectual Property Department plans and carries out intellectual property strategies that are integrated with business as well as research and development strategies of Taiheiyo Cement Group. Their wide range of tasks includes patent applications and acquisitions to establish patent networks, management of intellectual properties based on the concept of selection and concentration, research and analysis of patent information and its application to business strategy, and management of technology contracts and licenses. Through effective use of intellectual properties, the Department contributes to improving profitability of the whole Taiheiyo Cement Group.


Carbon Neutral Technology Development Department

For promoting innovative technology development more energetically to realize a low-carbon society, the Carbon Neutral Technology Development Project Team launched in April 2021 has been upgraded and reformed as Carbon Neutral Technology Development Department. The Department is responsible for developing innovative technologies such as CO2 capture and utilization (CCU) and performing feasibility studies on CO2 capture and storage (CCS) to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the cement production process. As the core projects for the development of these technologies, they currently place special focus on a GI Fund* project by NEDO**, "Development of CO2-Capture Technology for the Cement Production Process", and a CCS project by JOGMEC***, "Feasibility Study on Japanese Advanced CCS Project". They also extend their technological development activities in the domestic and international industry-government-academia frameworks and participate in international organizations including the Global Cement & Concrete Association (GCCA). Through these activities, they collect and disseminate vast information on carbon neutral technologies.

* GI Fund: NEDO’s Green Innovation Fund
** NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan
*** JOGMEC: Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security


Research and Technology Development

Taiheiyo Cement Central Research Laboratory

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