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March 6, 2024 Sustainability PDFTaiheiyo Cement has been selected as the "Supplier Engagement Leader", the highest rating in the "Supplier Engagement Rating" by CDP
February 29, 2024 Sustainability PDFTaiheiyo Cement Obtains the Highest DBJ Environmental Rating for the eight consecutive year.
February 6, 2024 Sustainability PDFTaiheiyo Cement selected for CDP Climate Change "A List" (highest rating) for the second consecutive year in recognition of our advanced environmental initiatives and transparency
January 22, 2024 Sustainability PDFParticipation in "Circular Partners", an Industry-Government-Academia Partnership for a Circular Economy
November 30, 2023 Sustainability PDFPublication of Integrated Report "Taiheiyo Cement Report 2023"
September 7, 2023 Sustainability PDFObtained "Platinum Kurumin Certification"
August 7,2023 Sustainability PDFLaunch of "Carbon Neutral Model Plant" concept study
August 2,2023 Sustainability PDFSeven Companies Announce to Conduct a Joint Study on Japanese Advanced CCS(Carbon Capture and Storage)Project
July 25, 2023 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement signs up to "30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity" and "Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation"PDF
July 14, 2023 Sustainability Conclusion of Agreement with Saitama Prefecture and Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture on Promoting the Formation of a Sound Material-Cycle Society and Disposal of Disaster WastesPDF
March 9, 2023 Sustainability Introduction of Carbon Neutral Bags in All Kanto RegionsPDF
March 15, 2023 Sustainability CalPortland Company Participates in a Roundtable Meeting at the White House as a Leader in Decarbonization in the Cement IndustryPDF
March 10, 2023 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement is Recognized as a "Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization"PDF
March 8, 2023 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement Secures the First Transition-Linked Loan in the Japanese Cement IndustryPDF
February 9, 2023 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement Establishes Sustainability Promotion Department To Enhance Sustainability ManagementPDF
January 20, 2023 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement Supports Kawasaki City’s Participation in the World Economic Forum’s Initiative, “Transitioning Industrial Clusters Towards Net Zero”PDF
December 13, 2022 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement selected for CDP Climate Change “A List” (highest rating) in recognition of our advanced environmental initiatives and transparencyPDF
December 12, 2022 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement Selected for the Ninth Consecutive Year for the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific IndexPDF
October 31, 2022 Sustainability Start of operation of New Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation System at Saitama Plant New Waste Heat Recovery Power GenerationPDF
September 20, 2022 Sustainability CARBOFIXR CO2-absorbing/cured Cementitious Material Successfully DevelopedPDF
September 9, 2022 Sustainability Commencement of construction of C2SP kilnR demonstration equipment for CO2-capture in the cement production processPDF
May 31, 2022 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement Signs the UN Global CompactPDF
March 24, 2022 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement Group Sets Out Technology Development Roadmap and 2030 Interim Target for Carbon Neutral Strategy 2050PDF
March 24, 2022 Sustainability (Attachment)Taiheiyo Cement Group Sets Out Technology Development Roadmap and 2030 Interim Target for Carbon Neutral Strategy 2050PDF
March 18, 2022 Sustainability Commencement of a Feasibility Study to Synthesize Methane from Cement Derived CO2 for Supply through City Gas PipelinesPDF
February 28, 2022 Sustainability Taiheiyo Cement Obtains the Highest Rating for seventh times in DBJ Environmental RatingPDF
February 4, 2022 Sustainability A NEDO-funded project for the Development of Carbon Circulation Technology for the Cement Industry Taiheiyo Cement has completed installations to demonstrate CO2 capture from kiln exhaust gas and the utilization of the captured CO2, boosting the development of innovative technologies for carbon neutralityPDF
January 28, 2022 Sustainability Adoption of “Development of CO2-Capture Technology for the Cement Production Process” as a NEDO-funded project under the Green Innovation Funding Program towards the world’s first cement production process to successfully capture limestone-derived CO2 in the preheaterPDF
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