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Research and Development Works

Below are some of our major research and development works from the 1970s onwards.

General Name Product / Technology Name Overview
Heat sink SiC/Al heat sink Heat sink that offers both low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity
Alumina ceramic A9951S Microstructure controlled alumina ceramic for use in high precision parts
Hollow structure fabrication technology C Process Technology for creating hollow ceramics with complex shapes
Diagnosis technology for concrete structures RFID-corrosive environment sensing system (WIMO®:Wireless Monitoring System) System which uses wireless radio transmission (RFID) to detect corrosion states around reinforcing steel in concrete structures
Cement quality prediction system TQPS System which predicts physical properties based on numerical analysis of cement characteristics
Nitride ChiccaLight® The alkaline-earth-metal nitride and lanthanoid nitride used in phosphor materials for white LEDs
Immobilized heavy metal material DENITE MP® Makes it possible to immobilize soil contaminated by heavy metals in neutral environments (pH5.8 to 8.6)
Immobilized heavy metal material DENITE CR® Effective at immobilization of highly concentrated hexavalent chrome and mercury
Immobilized heavy metal material Denite OI Provides immobilization of heavy metals, etc., while also reducing oil film of soil contaminated by oil
Neutral grout Nu grout method This neutral pH cavity filling material reduces the environmental impact of concrete pouring on the surrounding environment
Radioactive contamination storage vessel TAIHEIYO CUBE® These concrete containers can be used to safely and securely store radioactive contaminants
Concrete performance prediction Concrete Shrinkage Control Manual Technical materials which systematically cover the usage benefits of shrinkage reduction materials
High purity silica powder Silex Pure 99.99% or higher purity (4N or higher) amorphous silica for use as raw material for silicon used in photovoltaic cells
High purity silicon carbide powder EXiC-1 99.9% or higher purity (3N or higher) SiC powder for use as raw material for SiC single crystal materials used in power semiconductors
Silicon carbide powder with high rate of sublimation SiC powder which can be used to increase SiC bulk single crystal growth speed and greatly reduce production costs
Decontamination Technology Technology for removal of Cs using the dry process Technology for separeting and removing Cs from contaminated materials, such as soil and sewage sludge, by adding high performance reaction accelerator and using heat treatment. This technology achieves a Cs removal rate of over 99.9%.
Phosphorus recovery material Rintoru Material for recovering phosphorus from various waste water. The recovered phosphorus can be used as phosphate fertilizer.
Agricultural land decontamination method Radioactive material contaminated agricultural land decontamination method Method of removing clay contaminated with cesium together with water from contaminated rice fields
bypass system
Hybrid Bypass® System for efficiently removing and recovering chlorine and sulfur from cement manufacturing processes
Washing system for
bypass dust and fly ash
Hybrid desalter System which uses simple facilities to wash and desalinate fly ash and chlorine bypass dust
Chlorine/sulfur bypass system Semi hybrid bypass System which adds sulfur removal and reclamation functions to existing chlorine bypass systems
Calcination fertilizer creation from sewage sludge incineration ash Calcined phosphate fertilizer Method of converting sewage sludge incineration ash into high quality fertilizer using calcination with alkaline additives
General Name Product / Technology Name Overview
Ultra high strength fiber-reinforced concrete Ductal® Inorganic compound technological material which uses fine reactive dust
Wave absorber SiC-P30 Wave absorber for use with waves in the microwave to millimeter wave band
Metal matrix composite (SiC/Al) PSI, PSH Composite consisting of SiC ceramic particles dispersed through Al metal
Metal matrix composite
PSS Composite consisting of SiC ceramic particles dispersed through Si metal
Zero-expansion ceramic ZPF® Ceramic material which offers both zero expansion and high rigidity at room temperature
Highly accurate and high-speed stage HAYABUSA® Highly accurate and high-speed XY stage which uses an ultrasonic motor
Precise positioning system NAPS® Precise positioning system which uses a piezoelectric actuator
Ceramic molding technology N Process Molding process that makes it possible to fabricate high density, uniform, large pieces
Porous chuck NC Mold High precision porous chuck composed of a dense ceramic element and a porous element
Sputtering target AZO Target Sputtering target for transparent conductive film used in photovoltaic cells, etc.
Compact Ultrasonic Motor system SMARC Compact ultrasonic motor drive system
Shotcrete Accelerator Taiheiyo Shot Master H Shotcrete Accelerator, High Strength type
Software Lela-CIECOS® Program for evaluating and calculating environmental impact of concrete structures
Shrinkage controlled
ultra-rapid hardening steel
fiber reinforced concrete
SMART JET CONCRETE® Steel fiber reinforced concrete using ultra rapid hardening cement which uses expansive additive to control autogenous shrinkage
Photocatalytic cement ST Coat Cement which cleans exhaust gas (Nox)
Cement for ultra-high strength concrete Silica Fume Premixed Cement (SFPC®) Cement for use in ultra-high strength concrete with design strengths of approx. 80 to 120N/mm2
Immobilized heavy metal material DENITE® Offers superb insolubilization capabilities for all types of heavy metals
Inorganic complex hydrogen storage material Li-Mg-N-H hydrogen storage material Hydrogen storage material which supplies hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations
Diagnosis technology for concrete structures RFID strain sensing system (WIMO®:Wireless Monitoring System) System which uses wireless radio transmission (RFID) to measure strain in concrete structure
System for recycling MSW as alternative fuel and raw material in cement plants Applied Kiln (AK) System System for recycling MSW as raw materials and fuels for cement using fermentation in a rotary kiln
System for Recycling Sewage Sludge System for reducing the bulk of sewage sludge using aerobic fermentation treatment This low-energy drying method dries sewage sludge using the heat generated by the sewage sludge's own biodegradation reactions Energy saving system for drying sewage sludge using the heat of autofermentation generated by its biodegradable reactions
Waste-oil & biomass blended fuel BOF / BOFc This is an alternative fuel which is a blended product of biomass and oil sludge. It is an eco-friendly product with a low amount of CO2 emissions.
Heavy metal
extraction system
HMX This system reclaims copper, lead, and zinc from fly ash which contains heavy metals, and uses the residue for cement
General Name Product / Technology Name Overview
Inorganic moisture
conditioning material
OS LITE Non-combustible material with exceptional moisture conditioning capabilities
Low heat cement Low heat Portland cement This low temperature cement uses no admixture
Special cement High flowable cement High functional , high durable cement
Porous concrete for permeable or/and drainage pavements Tohaicrete High void volume and high strength porous concrete for in-site paving (pervious concrete)
Inorganic special admixture Poremix® Admixture for use in porous concrete products, providing additional strength
Pore-free ceramic (oxide) HPF, AHPF Oxide ceramic which minimizes surface pores
Pore-free ceramic (non-oxide) SHPF, GPF, CPF Non-oxide ceramic which minimizes surface pores
Electrostatic chuck/ceramic heater Electrostatic chuck/ceramic heater AlN electrostatic chuck with built-in heater that offers exceptional heat and plasma resistance
Piezoelectric transformer inverter module Piezoelectric transformer inverter module Electronic component which uses piezo element resonant frequency to modify and output voltage
Multilayer piezoelectric actuator Piezo Positioner Actuator that uses a multilayer piezoelectric actuator element
High range water reducing
and air entraining admixture
Core flow NP-5, NP-55 General purpose concrete admixture offering exceptional water reduction properties
Superplasticizer Core flow CP-300 series Concrete product admixture offering exceptional water reduction properties
Powder type superplasticizer Core flow NF-100 Powder type superplasticizer offering exceptional water reduction properties
Reduced environmental
impact cement
Eco cement Cement made primarily from general waste incineration ash and sewage sludge
Ultra high early strength concrete COD concrete Provides strength of 30N/mm2or more after 1 day (at 20 degrees Celsius)
General Name Product / Technology Name Overview
Inorganic type artificial wood ACE LITE Non-combustible material with exceptional dimensional stability
Cement-base self-leveling material Taiheiyo SL Cement-based self-leveling material
Cement-base non-shrinkage material Taiheiyo PRE U-LOX Cement-based non-shrink mortar with exceptional fluidity
Waterproofing material Taiheiyo NN-P Increases concrete watertightness and waterproofing performance
Pile head treating material Taiheiyo KUI CUTTER Makes it possible to efficiently remove pile head excess concrete
High performance shrinkage reducing agent Taiheiyo TETRAGUARD Superior drying shrinkage and cracking prevention performance
Special PC concrete product FERO-CRETE Dense, highly watertight, and durable
Shotcrete Accelerator Taiheiyo Shot Master Shotcrete Accelerator, Standard Type
General Name Product / Technology Name Overview
Expansive additive Taiheiyo EXPAN Lime-based expansive additive which provides exceptional expansion power even when used in small amounts
Corrosion inhibitor Taiheiyo RUS-NINE Improves rust-proofing performance of reinforced concrete
Grouting material Taiheiyo ALOFIX MC Ultrafine particle cement with excellent foundation penetration capabilities
Non-explosive demolition
Taiheiyo BRISTAR Demolition agent which uses the expansion pressure produced when it reacts with water
High strength mixture material Taiheiyo SUPER MIX Makes it possible to produce high strength concrete products using atmospheric pressure steam curing
Expansive additive Taiheiyo GYPCAL Ettringite-based expansive additive which compensates for drying shrinkage

Research and Technology Development

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