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Sustainability at Taiheiyo Cement

Our future vision and direction

To become an enterprise group that provides a sense
of safety and security to societies in the Pacific Rim
by demonstrating the group’s overall capabilities.

Mojave Plant (California, United States)
Blessed with a good location for wind power generation,
it owns some of the wind turbines seen in the background,
which supplement the electricity used for cement production.

We promote sustainability management in accordance with our sustainability guidelines, which specify actions that are essential for realizing the Mission of the Taiheiyo Cement Group, and implementing our Business Principles. The guidelines steer the company as we conduct activities in and outside of our businesses that fulfill our social responsibility while pursuing sustainable growth for both the company and society as a whole. Moreover, they lay down basic policies for promoting sustainability management.

Basic Policy for Promoting Sustainability Management
  1. Based on our Mission and Business Principles, the company will clarify the ideal form of sustainability management to be pursued and strive to advance operations based on sustainability.
  2. Promoting a corporate culture that places great importance on compliance, we aspire for all directors and all employees to always make the most appropriate autonomous decisions.
  3. We will manage the company in the awareness that contributing to global environmental issues and communities, as well as respecting human rights are conductive to our group sustainability.
  4. We will proactively engage with key sustainability issues and undertake the most appropriate prioritization and resource allocation.
  5. We will practice appropriate information disclosure and communication with stakeholders, based on the state of our sustainability management, and build relationships of trust.
  6. We will treat the promotion of sustainability management as a group-wide activity.
CSR Objectives for 2025
Prevention of accidents
Zero fatalities
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Reduce the specific net CO2 emissions per tonne of cementitious product by at least 10% from fiscal 2021 levels by fiscal 2025.
Workplace diversity
Ratio of female recruits: At least 30%
Ratio of female employees: At least 10%
Ratio of newly appointed female managers: At least 10%
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