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Sustainability at Taiheiyo Cement

Corporate Framework for CSR

Taiheiyo Cement Group Mission was formulated in 2002 as the highest level concept and guiding principle of our business activities. Our Business Principles present more detailed guidelines for action based on the Mission. The vision and direction targeting the mid-2020s have been established as our vision for the future, based on the Mission. They present the group’s values and orientation in qualitative terms.

CSR Objectives for 2025
Prevention of accidents
Zero fatalities
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Reduce the specific net CO₂ emissions per tonne of cementitious product by at least 10% from fiscal 2021 levels by fiscal 2025.
Workplace diversity
Ratio of female recruits: At least 30%
Ratio of female employees: At least 10%
Ratio of newly appointed female managers: At least 10%

Basic Policy for Promoting CSR Management

We promote CSR management in accordance with our CSR guidelines, which specify actions that are essential for realizing the Mission of the Taiheiyo Cement Group, and implementing our Business Principles. The guidelines steer the company as we conduct activities in and outside of our businesses that fulfill our social responsibility while pursuing sustainable growth for both the company and society as a whole. Moreover, they lay down basic policies for promoting CSR management.

Basic Policy for Promoting CSR Management
  1. Based on our Mission and Business Principles, the company will clarify the ideal form of CSR management to be pursued and strive to advance operations based on CSR.
  2. Promoting a corporate culture that places great importance on compliance, we aspire for all directors and all employees to always make the most appropriate autonomous decisions.
  3. We will manage the company in the awareness that our social mission includes protecting the environment, defending human rights and contributing to communities.
  4. We will proactively engage with key CSR issues and undertake the most appropriate prioritization and resource allocation.
  5. We will practice appropriate information disclosure and communication with stakeholders, based on the state of our CSR management, and build relationships of trust.
  6. We will treat the promotion of CSR management as a group-wide activity.

The System to Promote CSR Management

To promote our CSR management we have created a cross-departmental CSR Management Committee, chaired by the president with all board directors and all managing executive officers as members, under the direct oversight of the Board of Directors. The CSR Management Committee’s role is to screen CSR action plans and other important matters, and review their progress. Reporting to this committee are seven specialized committees for individual CSR subjects, each chaired by the director responsible for that area. The department most closely associated with any given issue acts as the secretariat for the related committee.

The System to Promote CSR Management

CSR Training Programs

We provide CSR education through training programs for each job level, including sessions for newly hired employees, follow-up courses for newly hired employees, career development courses, and training for newly appointed managers. Each specialized committee provides the relevant training programs for education on specific issues, including compliance and human rights. We also conduct executive level CSR training once a year, including for group companies. FY2021 was the first year since our switch from the CSR Report to the Integrated Report, so we explained the main points in our in-house newsletter that goes out to all our employees in order to deepen their understanding of the Integrated Report.

Executive-level CSR Training (FY2021)
Date Companies in
November 2020 82Combined with remote attendance
  • Anti-power harassment laws, and recent forms of harassment
  • Topics related to the prevention of irregularities and misconduct
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