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The mission of research and technology development in the enterprise is the creation of sources of future company profit and vigor.
Also, we consider it our mission to carry out research and development based on the reliable technologies developed in our over 100 years of R&D history, providing society with excellent products and services.
In line with this business strategy, Taiheiyo Cement is deepening and expanding operations in all its current business fields as well as cultivating new business fields.

Chemical cleaning method for a cadmium contaminated paddy field
High-precision quality management system based on XRD/Rietveld analysis
Taiheiyo brand cement concrete
Phosphorus recovery using Rintoru
Taiheiyo Cement Quality Predictive System (TQPS®)
Taiheiyo cement Composite cement Design System(TCDS®)
Development of PFC(Pore Free Concrete/Prosity Free Concrete) with highest strength in the world

Research and Technology Development

Taiheiyo Cement Central Research Laboratory

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