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Below are some of the latest products and technologies researched and developed.

RFID diagnosis technology for concrete structures
Our structure diagnosis technology, which uses sensor-equipped RFID, is an innovative technology which utilizes RFID wireless technology to detect strain and steel corrosion producing environments inside structure, non-destructively and without direct contact.
Chemical cleaning method for a cadmium contaminated paddy field
We have produced a cleaning method which removes cadmium from rice paddies, making it possible to grow safe rice. This paddy cleaning method is friendly to the environment, farmers, and consumers.

※Cadmium is a heavy metal pollutant which can result in kidney damage. It is the cause of itai-itai disease.

Concrete pavement/Road related technology
Demand has been rising in recent years for effective operation of social infrastructure and reductions in environmental impact, leading to renewed interest in high durability concrete pavement. Taiheiyo Cement develops concrete pavement technologies which meet the needs of society and road users.
High-precision quality management system based on XRD/Rietveld analysis
The cement industry has come to actively recycle waste products and byproducts for use as raw materials. This requires a higher level of quality management, which is why we have introduced our new quality management technology (XRD/Rietveld) in cement factories.
Taiheiyo brand cement concrete
User needs are growing more diverse and complex by the day. We develop new cement technologies under the Taiheiyo brand cement and concrete, and develop differentiated concrete technologies which maximally leverage the performance of the products produced by the Taiheiyo Cement group.
Phosphorus recovery using Rintoru
Phosphorus is essential for living things, and we have developed Rintoru, a material which makes sustainable use of phosphorus materials possible. Rintoru can be used to reclaim phosphorus from wastewater for use as fertilizer.
We developed the Taiheiyo Cement Quality Predictive System (TQPS®) to make cement quality even more consistent. By enabling cement characteristics to be predicted at the time of production, this system contributes to the efficient management of target values and the prevention of quality anomalies to ensure the prescribed quality.
Durability Prediction System
Our durability prediction system is a computer simulation that predicts the life of concrete structures that can be applied to concrete of various materials and formulations or various deterioration phenomena.
Development of functional hollow particles
Functional hollow particles are minute, hollow particles with diameters of between one and ten μm. When used as filler they function as insulation, with the potential to make significant contributions to energy reductions.
Technologies for recycling municipal waste incineration residue as cement resources – Municipal waste incineration ash desalting System innovation
Municipal waste incineration ash desaltingsystems have been used successfully since it was introduced into our factory as technologies which recycle municipal waste incineration residue as cement resources more than 10 years ago.We use the experience and know-how we have accrued through our operations to develop even better systems.
Taiheiyo cement Composite cement Design System(TCDS®)
In the international cement market, TCDS® can design composite cement with a growing market share.
If it is composite cement that uses blast furnace slag, fly ash, and limestone powder for the mixed material, instantly calculates the values.
Development of PFC(Pore Free Concrete/Prosity Free Concrete) with highest strength in the world
PFC(Pore Free Concrete/Prosity Free Concrete) is concrete that achieves the world's highest strength in cast molding.
The close-packed material design and manufacturing method to promote hydration develop similar strength to steel.

Research and Technology Development

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