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President and
Representative Director
Masafumi Fushihara
Vice President and
Representative Director
Yuuichi Kitabayashi Overseeing Carbon Neutral Technology Development Project Team and TCPI Renewal Project Team
Vice President and
Kunihiro Ando Overseeing Mining Department and Mineral Resources Business Department
Senior Executive Officer
Tetsuya Ohashi Overseeing Human Resources Department, Sustainability Promotion Department, and Real Estate Business Department
Senior Executive Officer
Hideaki Asakura Overseeing Corporate Planning Department and Legal Department
Senior Executive Officer
Yoshifumi Taura Senior General Manager of International Business Division
Director Yoshiko Koizumi
Director Shinhachiro Emori
Director Hideyuki Furikado
Corporate Auditor
Katsuhide Fukuhara
Corporate Auditor
Masahiro Karino
Corporate Auditor Wakako Mitani
Corporate Auditor Toshihito Aoki
Managing Executive Officer Takayoshi Okamura Overseeing Intellectual Property Department and Central Research Laboratory
Managing Executive Officer Koshiro Hidaka Overseeing Production Department and Maintenance & Engineering Department
Managing Executive Officer Shinji Fukami Overseeing Secretarial Department, Purchasing Department, and Environmental Business Development Department
Managing Executive Officer Isao Matsui Overseeing Internal Auditing Department, Construction Materials Business Department, and Business Planning & Administration Department
Managing Executive Officer Naoyuki Kira Senior General Manager of Cement Business Division
General Manager of Sales Department Cement Business Division
Managing Executive Officer Masahiro Ban Overseeing Accounting & Finance Department and General Affairs Department
Executive Officer Hideki Mori General Manager of Tokyo Branch
Executive Officer Yoshihito Izawa General Director of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc.
Executive Officer Hiroyuki Takano General Manager of Central Research Laboratory
Executive Officer Kenichi Hirata General Manager of Mining Department
Executive Officer Michitomo Beppu General Manager of Environmental Business Development Department
Executive Officer Kazuhiko Ichizawa General Manager of Vietnam Representative Office International Business Division
General Director of Nghi Son Cement Corporation
Executive Officer Yusuke Nemoto General Manager of Human Resources Department
General Manager of Diversity & Inclusion/Health Promotion Office Human Resources Department
Executive Officer Tsuyoshi Hara President of Taiheiyo Cement U.S.A., Inc
Executive Officer Takashi Miyashita General Manager of Purchasing Department
Executive Officer Takeshi Miyazaki General Manager of Maintenance & Engineering Department
Executive Officer Yutaka Murakami General Manager of Marketing & Trading Department International Business Division
Executive Officer Fujio Nakamura General Manager of Chubu Hokuriku Branch

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