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Kaidelight is a cement-based adhesive for oyster farming in which oysters are attached to ropes on floating rafts.


Features not offered by ordinary cement adhesive

  • Rafts can be floated the day after oysters are cemented.
  • Viscosity is adjusted to prevent dripping.
  • Strength is adjusted to prevent post-hanging separation.

  • Note: We have verified that there are no effects on the oysters' composition. (Analyses conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratories).


Kaidelight :Use in temperature of 10°C or more
(for cold regions)
:Use in temperature of 10°C or less (but within a range in which no freezing occurs)


  • Increases growth rate by 10% to 20% per six months and ensures even oyster shape
  • Reduces the frequency of cage replacement and sorting work
  • Reduces the number of cage cleanings
  • Doubles work efficiency compared with hanging oysters individually

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