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Initiatives Aimed at Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Ratio of global CO₂ emissions

Cement industry: 7%

Source: Technology Roadmap Low-Carbon Transition in the Cement Industry, IEA and WBCSD (2018)

CO₂ emissions in Japan by industry

1st: Electric power
2nd: Steel
3rd: Chemical
4th: Cement

Reference:“The Cement Industry’s Long-term Vision Toward Realizing a Decarbonized Society” Japan Cement Association.2020 (in Japanese)


CO₂ emissions from the cement production process

Taiheiyo Cement takes up the challenge of mitigating climate change

With the Carbon-Neutral Technology Development Project Team playing a core role, we aim to establish and implement feasible technologies at the earliest possible opportunities and meet the social and financial challenges toward achieving carbon neutrality.

Target Main strategies Main initiatives in the 23 Medium Term Management Plan Investment sum
Energy sources ●Energy efficiency
●Low-carbon energy
●Installation of waste heat recovery power generation systems
●Installation of high-efficiency clinker coolers
●More waste plastic processing
20 billion yen
Raw material-derived ●Low-CO₂ cement ●Increase of cement admixtures
●Low-CO₂ clinker
Innovative technologies ●CO₂ capture and utilization ●Development of innovative CO₂ capture technologies
●Utilization of dismantled concrete and ready-mixed raw concrete sludge
●Utilization of cement cured with CO₂

CSR Objectives for 2025
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: Reduce specific net CO₂ emissions by at least 10%(Compared with FY2001) As of the end of FY2021: 8.3%

Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Cement Supply Chain
We aim to achieve carbon neutrality throughout our supply chain by 2050

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