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  1. Cement forms calcium hydroxide and becomes highly alkaline (pH 12 to 13) when exposed to moisture, such as water, sweat, or tears. This may result in irritation to the skin. In the event of eye exposure, immediately flush with a large quantity of water and seek immediate medical attention.
  2. Cement is highly alkaline (pH 12 to 13). Do not allow exposure to the nose or mouth, where it will irritate the mucous membranes.
  3. Prolonged inhalation of cement may be hazardous to your health. When handling, wear appropriate protective equipment, including a dust respirator, safety goggles, and well-fitting gloves.
  4. Cement contains trace amounts of chromium compound and may cause allergic reactions, including those of the skin, to people who are hypersensitive to hexavalent chromium.

    Please heed the following warnings when using cement for the purpose of ground improvement.

  5. When using cement for ground improvement, hexavalent chromium exceeding environmental quality standards for soil may leach out on rare occasions. Please conduct tests to verify the amount of leaching before use.
  6. We offer a wide-range of GEOSET-brand cement-based soil stabilizers for ground improvement. Please contact us about how you plan to use it.
  7. Our flexible container products weigh approximately 1 ton. Please refer to the following diagram before handling them.
  ※Click on the diagram to enlarge it.How to handle 1-ton flexible container products