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n this page, you will find introductions to our cement products.

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Ordinary Portland Cement

General-purpose cement used in many different areas

High Early Strength Portland Cement

Offers exceptional early strength, helping to reduce construction times

Moderate-Heat Portland Cement

Exhibits exceptional properties in mass concrete structures

Portland Blast-Furnace Slag Cement

Delivers superior chemical resistance for continuous long-term strength

Portland Fly-Ash Cement

Delivers exceptional workability and water-tightness for suppressing temperature cracking in mass concrete

Low-Heat Portland Cement

Generates less heat without the use of mineral components

High Accurass

Delivers maximum organic fiber and carbon fiber performance

GRC Cement

Guarantees exceptional durability and dimensional stability

 White Portland Cement

Widely used in brightly tinted concrete thanks to its conspicuously white color


A new cement for satisfying the needs of a recycling-based society


About our Ecocement
We are currently expanding sales in the Kanto area, primarily Tokyo. For more information, please contact the branch or sales office nearest you.