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Kaidelight Usage Example


1. Arrange pairs of oysters on the raft across from each other.
2. Place a rope down the middle of the oyster pairs.
3.Mix a batch of Kaidelight.   4.Apply Kaidelight.
5.Attach a third oyster to each pair.   6.Allow to stand in open air(away from the
 wind) for 24 hours.

Oyster growth (example)


Note :
Immature oysters may fall off if the ropes are jostled after the adhesive has cured.
Use a sufficient amount of Kaidelight to ensure that oysters do not fall off after they are adhered to the ropes.
Kaidelight is a registered trademark of Taiheiyo Cement Corporation.

Our product lineup also includes Kaibreed®, a collector coating material that reduces the workload of removing young oysters after harvesting seed oysters.

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