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The Taiheiyo Cement Group runs diverse businesses including cement, mineral resources, environmental, construction materials as well as real estate, engineering, data processing, finance, transportation and warehousing, chemical products, and sports businesses, and is actively developing new businesses. The table below shows the position of businesses within the Group and their relation to different business segments.
Business categories
Product/service categories
Main companies
Cement Business Cement Japan: Taiheiyo Cement Corporation,
DC Co., Ltd.
Myojyo Cement Co., Ltd.,
Tsuruga Cement Co., Ltd.,
USA: CalPortland Company
China: Jiangnan Onoda Cement Co., Ltd.,
Dalian Onoda Cement Co., Ltd.,
Qinhuangdao Asano Cement Co., Ltd.
Vietnam: Nghi Son Cement Corporation
Philippines: Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc.
Ready-mixed concrete Saitama Taiheiyo Namakon Co., Ltd.,
Asano Concrete Co., Ltd.,
Osaka Asano Concrete Co., Ltd.,
Hokkaido TC Namakon Co., Ltd.,
Hiroshima Taiheiyo Namakon Co., Ltd.,
Tohoku Taiheiyo Namakon Co., Ltd.,
Chubu Taiheiyo Namakon Co., Ltd.,
Joyo Remicon Co., Ltd.,
Harumi Onoda Remicon Co., Ltd.
Related products: Kokusai Kigyo Co., Ltd.
Mineral Resources Business Aggregates and limestone products Taiheiyo Cement Corporation,
Yuko Mining Co., Ltd.,
Abekawa Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.,
Kansai Taiheiyo Minerals Corporation,
Buko Mining Co., Ltd.,
Oita Taiheiyo Mining Corporation,
Chichibu Mining Co., Ltd.,
Ishizaki Co., Ltd.,
Kosyu Saiseki Co., Ltd.,
Kansai Matech Co., Ltd.,
Ryushin Mining Co., Ltd.,
Chichibu Taiheiyo Cement Corporation,
Okutama Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Environmental Business   Taiheiyo Cement Corporation,
Ichihara Ecocement Corporation,
Tokyo Tama Ecocement Inc.,
Nacode Corporation
Construction Materials Business Precast concrete products Taiheiyo Precast Concrete Industry Co., Ltd.
Construction materials Clion Co., Ltd.,
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation,
Chichibu Concrete Industry Co., Ltd.,
A&A Material Corporation
Civil engineering Onoda Chemico Co., Ltd.,
Fuji P.S Corporation
Other Businesses Real estate Taiheiyo Cement Corporation,
Taiheiyo Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Engineering Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation
Data processing Pacific Systems Corporation
Finance Taiheiyo Accounting & Financial Services Corporation
Transportation and warehousing Mitsui Wharf Co., Ltd.,
Sangi-Tuun Co., Ltd.,
Nichimei Unyu Co., Ltd.,
Azuma Shipping Co., Ltd.,
Chichibu Railway Co., Ltd.
Chemical products Onoda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Sports Cesame Co., Ltd.,
Kiyosumi Golf Club Co., Ltd.