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Durability Prediction System

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In the context of the increased lifesfime of RC structures and the advancement of rational maintenance technology, there is demand for durability prediction technique which supports a variety of degradation phenomena for wide range of materials and the mix proportions of concrete. In order to predict various degradations based on phenomena which have actually occurred, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive analysis for the behavior of diverse chemical factors which contribute to degradation phenomena. Examples include the transfer of ions in the liquid phase existing inside of concrete, the binding of ions caused by hydrates, and the generation/dissolution of hydrates. The Taiheiyo Cement Group has coupled a mass transfer model for multi-species with a thermodynamic phase equilibrium model for hardened cement which enables calculation of the C-S-H solution equilibrium and surface adsorption. By doing so, our company has developed a model for predicting gas-phase, liquid-phase, and solid-phase composition which undergoes temporal change in conjunction with mass transfer.

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