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Taiheiyo Cement Quality Predictive System (TQPS®)

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Striving for even more stable quality


Due to a rise in the use of various waste products as alternative fuels and raw materials for cement production in recent years, stricter quality control for cement production is required.

We began implementing XRD/Rietveld analysis*1 in addition to conventional test items at our factories in Japan from 2005. Taking this a step further, we also built a system for the combined utilization of various test data, including that for Rietveld refinement, to further stabilize and improve quality. As part of this, we developed and obtained a patent*2 for the "TQPS®" Taiheiyo Cement Quality Predictive System.

*1, An analysis technique for determining mineral composition quantities through x-ray diffraction patterns. It enables faster and more accurate analysis than conventional methods.
*2, Patent No. 5323290 Method for Predicting Cement Quality and Production Conditions
Changes in Our Recycling Usage Over Time

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