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The key to a healthy aquarium is a good start

A new aquarium may have clear water that looks top quality, but it is still vulnerable to fish waste, uneaten food, dead leaves, and other debris. An aquarium started in this manner will not be able to keep up with the necessary breakdown of such debris that results when you feed fish too much food or add more plants and fish. This in turn will cause a rapid loss in water quality. Changing the water repeatedly will not help the cloudiness or offensive odor.

No one can enjoy an aquarium where fish and waterweeds suffer and the water looks and smells bad. MicroHouse is an epoch-making product that makes it easy to create aquarium water at startup, thanks to the power of high-performance dried bacteria.

MicroHouse Kit (¥2,500)

Two MicroHouse Packs, one special case, Power House stick, and a rubber suction cup come together as a set.

Features of MicroHouse

MicroHouse is the ideal water condition creating kit when starting up an aquarium. MicroHouse Pack contains a blend of nine types of dormant, dried bacteria functional in setting up aquarium water, an activator agent for the dried bacteria, four types of organic waste degrading enzymes (protein, sugar, cellulose, fat) and highly powerful activated carbon.

By setting MicroHouse inside the tank or in a filter, it quickly breaks down and adsorbs feces and uneaten fish food, and it promotes the increase of beneficial bacteria such as nitrifying bacteria. MicroHouse creates the ideal water for fish and waterweed. Also, when changing aquarium water, MicroHouse stabilizes water quality and is highly effective in preventing unexpected problems in water quality.

MicroHouse Pack (¥2,500)

Includes three replacement packs for MicroHouse Kit.

Example of MicroHouse set inside a 45cm tank
  All you have to do when you use MicroHouse Kit is set it up in an aquarium with the attached rubber after putting it into the dedicated case. All you have to do is to use the rubber suction cup to attach it inside a well-filtered aquarium. Beneficial bacteria quickly settle on Power House stick, which is based on the Power House high-performance filtering media. This allows you to create safe, healthy aquarium water.

Tank Size (cm)
W × D × H
Water Volume (ℓ)
Number of packs needed
・MicroHouse Pack should be replaced about once a month.

The graphs on the left show test results using two 45cm tanks, one using MicroHouse and the other without using MicroHouse, tracking water conditions daily over a 12-day period, during which no water change was made. The same number of living organisms were placed in each of the tanks and fed. The ammonia concentration in the tank without MicroHouse kept on increasing, degrading the water condition, while the aquarium water using MicroHouse established ideal aquarium conditions from the initial stage.

【Test conditions】
Aquarium :45cm glass tank (water volume: approx. 35ℓ)
Filter unit :hood filter
Filter media :Power House Soft Type M size (1ℓ)
Aquarium water :Tap water (dechlorinated, no sun exposure) and no water replacement during test period
Water temperature :No heater (10 - 18 ℃)
Fish :Three 10 - 15cm wakin (Japanese goldfish) in each aquarium
Feeding :0.67g/day

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