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Small Filter

Compact yet full-fledged filter apparatus.
The stylish submersible filter with a ceramic body
Power House・Small Filter
Want to be particular about the water, but enjoy your aquarium without too much fuss? The Small Filter was developed for such aquarists in mind. A system that fully brings out the features of high-performance Power House filtering media is all contained within the small and stylish ceramic body. Should moss grow on the ceramic body, it can simply be wiped off, returning it to its original beautiful appearance.
To make this product as durable as possible, the air tube and gasket are made of 100% silicon and the Air Driver (air discharge spout) is made of ceramic material, so although compact, you can feel secure about using this filter over the long term.
It is suited for use as the main filter for a small tank (45cm and under), or as sub-filter for a medium-sized tank around 60cm. The Small Filter is perfect for people who wish to use a high-grade product conveniently and over long periods.

Air tube
Made of 100% silicon, it will remain flexible even when immersed in water over the long term.

Power House Small Filter Hard Type
It is a key point when you keep discus and guppies beautiful in an aquarium to manage the water quality property.
The Small Filter Hard Type controls a drop in pH level, creating breeding water suited to fish and as a result, making it possible to breed nicely shaped fish.
Two units of Small Filter Hard Type placed in a 60 cm tank
Juvenile alenquer discus and Small Filter Hard Type
King cobra guppy and power House Small Filter Hard Type

Power House Small Filter Soft Type
To enjoy the beautiful colors of apisto and small characin, creating suitable water is the first important step. The Small Filter Soft Type controls the rise in pH level, making it the ideal filter for creating slightly acid soft water that apisto and small characin prefer, and it maintains that comfortable environment over long periods, helping to enhance your aquarium.
Small Filter Soft Type placed in a 60cm tank
Blue neon tetra and Small Filter Soft Type

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