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What is Ash Washing System?

Ash Washing SystemCommercial plant facilities

This system uses the incineration residue (ash and soot) produced when municipal waste from homes is incinerated at treatment plants as a material for making cement at existing cement plants.
 Since the system effectively uses incineration residue as a raw material for cement rather than placing it in landfills, it helps prolong the service life of final disposal sites. Incineration residue contains materials that are undesirable in cement, including chlorine and other contaminants, which is why water-washing equipment is used to remove them from the incineration residue beforehand.

What is incineration ash?

Incineration ash is the waste product generated by waste disposal plants that burn garbage. Its main constituents include silicon dioxide (SiO2), calcium oxide (CaO), and aluminum oxide (Al2O3), which are also among the components of cement, but it also contains metals and other contaminants.

What is soot?

Soot is fine particles that are carried along with exhaust gas when incinerating municipal waste and then gathered by a dust collector. Its primary component is the same as incineration ash, but it also contains 10% to 20% chlorine, which is unfavorable for cement. It also contains dioxins and heavy metals in trace amounts.

Our ash waster-washing system has earned a variety of prestigious awards, and its spirit of innovation and environmental friendliness have received high marks.

What is Ash Washing System?

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