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Creating a Healthy and Safe Workplace

Health & Safety Policy

Our Health & Safety Policy is shown below. Under this policy our headquarters and business sites review and revise health and safety management regulations each fiscal year.

Taiheiyo Cement Health & Safety Policy

Taiheiyo Cement Corporation recognizes that ensuring the health and safety of our employees is a cornerstone of our company. We invest appropriate management resources to the prevention of work-related accidents and diseases in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act and the Mine Safety Act, and efficiently implement the fundamental policies shown below.

Fundamental Policies
  1. Promote health and safety activities through cooperation between management and labor, with the aim of eliminating work-related accidents.
  2. Ensure the health and safety of our employees and those of our contractors by complying with health and safety-related laws and regulations, the health and safety management regulations created by us, and health and safety regulations created by our business sites.
  3. Strive to improve the level of health and safety by actively promoting the implementation and operation of our Occupational Safety and Health Management System, and by continually ensuring the fundamental safety of our work and equipment, providing education and training, and raising awareness of health and safety.
  4. Constantly improve workplace environments and work procedures by applying improved technologies and new health and safety information via the company-wide, business site and group affiliate health and safety committees.
  5. Ensure health and safety throughout the Taiheiyo Cement Group by promoting action to eliminate work-related accidents under the leadership of the company-wide, business site, and group affiliate health and safety committees.

Health & Safety System

Under the Taiheiyo Cement Health & Safety Policy we establish health and safety management regulations that cover the basic principles of the group’s health and safety management, and promote health and safety activities. The aim is to create comfortable working environments while also ensuring the health and safety of our employees and those of our contractors at the group’s business sites and other locations.

We established the Company-wide Health & Safety Committee, chaired by the officer in charge of safety, as a Specialized Committee under the CSR Management Committee, which is itself under the direct oversight of the Board of Directors. The Company-wide Health & Safety Committee supervises health and safety activities held by our various business locations. It also collects safety-related data from not only the company itself but also our group companies and provides guidance.

All plants, quarries and branches under the jurisdiction of our divisions at Headquarters, and all group companies, have a health and safety committee consisting of representatives from both management and labor, as well as a cooperative committee promoting the health and safety-related activities of each business site.

Health and safety management at cement plants, mines and quarries in Japan is carried out by our OSHMS*.

*OSHMS (Occupational Safety and Health Management System): Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 1999. A framework for reducing potential dangers at workplaces and promoting comfortable work sites by autonomously practicing continuous, uninterrupted health and safety management.

Health & Safety System
Health & Safety System

Safety Operation Officer Certification System

Since FY2008, we have been using the Safety Operation Officer System which emphasizes the importance of improving leadership capabilities to reduce work-related accidents. This system provides the certification as a safety operation officer that is required for leaders of work groups. To further improve the capabilities of those leaders, as of FY2016 we require participants in the certification seminars held at the plants to have completed the foreman training course stipulated in the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

Health and Safety Training

We have established procedures for the implementation of health and safety training, and are committed to providing such training so that work can be carried out safely. Training is provided at all our business sites. It can be categorized into training for newly-hired employees, training for newly-hired employees with professional experience at another company, specialized courses, training for newly-appointed managers, skills training, and training for contractors when they start work at a site.

Work-related Accident Reports and Database

Any work-related accident is reported to the Company-wide Occupational Health & Safety Committee immediately, regardless of how insignificant it may seem. We promptly post the details of any accident on the group bulletin board as a step towards avoiding any recurrence.

We have maintained a work-related accident database since FY2009. It covers accidents involving employees of the company and group companies as well as the employees of all our contractors, including temporary workers. It categorizes accidents according to the “4 Ms” (men, machines, methods and management), analyzes the causes of unsafe behavior and situations, and systematically stores work-related accident review reports that include details of the countermeasures taken. The database is also translated into English and Chinese so that it can be widely used at our overseas business sites.

Work-related Accidents Registered in the Database
Work-related Accidents Registered in the Database

Health and Safety Promotion Activities


The Company-wide Health & Safety Committee set the following objectives for FY2021: zero fatalities, limit lost-time injuries to 30 or less and the total number of work-related accidents to 80 or less, while also setting the absence rate in the 0.5% range. We therefore engaged in health and safety promotion activities with a focus on: (1) improving the level of safety management at group companies in order to achieve our CSR Objectives for 2025, (2) eliminating accidents caused by breaking the rules, (3) eliminating heatstroke-related accidents, (4) preventing the recurrence of similar accidents, (5) complying with safety-related legislation, and (6) preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections (preventing employees from becoming infected or infecting others).

As a result, we had zero fatalities for the third year in a row, and achieved an absence rate of 0.337%, thus attaining those objectives. However, there were 42 lost-time injuries and the total number of work-related accidents was 121, so we did not attain those objectives. Although we had identified accidents caused by breaking the rules and heatstroke-related accidents as key issues for FY2021, they represented 36% of the total number of work-related accidents. In response to that fact, we will add periodic patrols accompanied by guidance to our measures against accidents caused by breaking the rules, and will analyze the rule-breaking behavior and improve areas such as our training, equipment and codes of practice. We will measure WBGT values (heat indices) at each work site and take measures against heatstroke such as establishing a set frequency for breaks.

When we reviewed accidents according to type, we found a big decrease in those involving being trapped by or dragged into equipment. However there are still many cases of falls that lead to serious accidents so we are taking measures to prevent recurrence. We also reviewed work-related accidents according to years of experience, and found that 41% of the accidents involved workers with three years of experience or less. In recognition of this issue we are taking steps to improve safety guidance for less experienced workers.

Absence Rate (Non-consolidated)

(Unit: %)

FY2017 FY201 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Absence rate 0.448 0.458 0.647 0.58 0.337

Work-related Accidents

(Unit: occurrences)

FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
By region Japan 84 98 81 92 117
Overseas 11 5 6 2 4
By gender Male 90 99 83 89 120
Female 5 4 4 5 1
Injury or sickness Injury 88 98 83 79 103
Sickness 7 5 4 15 18
Our employees or contractors Our employees 42 41 45 40 52
Contractors 53 62 42 54 69

Breakdown of Accidents by Type
Breakdown of Accidents by Type

Characteristics of FY2021 Accidents
Characteristics of FY2021 Accidents

Improving Equipment to Prevent the Recurrence of Accidents

When we classify accidents by type, every year a high proportion of them are due to falls. Since a high proportion of such accidents in FY2021 were due to falls from concrete mixer trucks, representatives from the Company-wide Health & Safety Committee visited Asano Concrete Corporation, a company that is making progress in initiatives to tackle this issue. We are disseminating information about their excellent initiatives laterally throughout the group.

Measures to prevent falls
(Asano Concrete Corporation)

Measures to prevent falls (Asano Concrete Corporation)

Expanding Safety Activities to Group Companies

The Company-wide Health & Safety Committee provides support for safety activities at group companies. It started conducting safety surveys in FY2019, and carried out surveys of the group’s ten business sites in Japan and five sites overseas in FY2020. As a result of measures introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19, surveys were only conducted at two business sites in Japan in FY2021. We are carrying out safety surveys at the business sites that could not be surveyed in FY2021, and will move forward with action to improve safety.

Safety patrol (Maruse K.K.)

Safety patrol (Maruse K.K.)

Experiential Safety Training

In order to boost the safety awareness of our employees we hold safety training where they experience risks inherent in familiar operations. In FY2019 we introduced experiential safety training equipment such as VR (virtual reality) devices at all our cement plants for employees to experience simulated dangers related to safety harnesses, rotating equipment, electricity and heavy objects hanging from a crane. We also set up a system that can provide effective training for younger or less experienced employees. We also make this equipment available to contractors and group companies upon request.

Experiential safety training using VR

Experiential safety training using VR

Safety Training DVD

We made a DVD in Japanese, English and Chinese called The Promise of the Seven Safety Principles about prohibited actions that could lead to serious accidents. Its visual format makes it easy to understand and it is used in training for people who have just stared working at a plant, for example.

The Promise of the Seven Safety Principles

The Promise of the Seven Safety Principles

Preventing Heatstroke

As a measure to prevent heatstroke we made prototype workwear that is more sweat-absorbent and dries faster, and we confirmed its effectiveness. We made further improvements and assessments in FY2022, and plan to bring it into use in FY2023.

Prototype workwear (Taiheiyo Cement Corporation)

Prototype workwear (Taiheiyo Cement Corporation)

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