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WIMORFID diagnosis technology for concrete structures

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System installed within concrete itself to wirelessly assess the status of structures

We developed the WIMO® RFID diagnosis technology for concrete structure, which combines sensor technology with the RFID technology widely used in applications such as electronic money and ticket gates.
The WIMO® can be used to wirelessly measure conditions using sensors embedded in concrete. RFID tags (data communication equipment) are installed at a distance from the sensors, making it easy to perform measurements even at locations high above the ground.


Wireless measurement
Sensors and data communication equipment are embedded within structures, and measurement is performed wirelessly. Unlike conventional wired sensors, there is no need to worry about cable deterioration.
No power supply necessary
The power which drives the sensors is provided in the form of radio waves from the reader/writer. No power supply is necessary, making the system ideal for use in long-term maintenance and management.
Memory function
RFID tags have a memory function, which can be used to retain inspection results.

This product is certified conformant with the Japanese Radio Act.
It must be certified with local radio laws before use outside of Japan.

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