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WIMORFID diagnosis technology for concrete structures

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RFID Corrosion Environment Sensing System


This system is able to monitor corrosion
in reinforced concrete without the use of destructive work

Damage from chloride attacks, one of the three main causes of concrete structure deterioration, is detected by observing the leakage of rust fluid from concrete surfaces. However, by the time this fluid has leaked out, rebar corrosion is already occurring at an accelerated rate, and major repairs may be required if countermeasures are not implemented immediately.
This system can detect corrosion environments around the rebar, such as salt water environments, in advance, helping prevent rebar corrosion before it can begin.
The system can detect not only salt water corrosion, but also corrosion types such as neutralization corrosion and chemical erosion.
RFID Corrosion Environment Sensing System


● Inspections can be carried out easily, without damaging the structure frame, as occurs when using core boring.

● Multiple sensors can be installed in order to identify locations and areas with a risk of rebar corrosion.

● Sensor position and data measurement position can be chosen as desired by changing the length of the cable between the sensor and the tag.

● Measurement results are color-coded, providing an intuitive view of corrosion risk.


A special tool is used to fix the sensor to the rebar.

Cast the concrete. When the mold is removed,
no part of the system will be exposed.


Two types of reader/writers are available for measuring: a standard type and a handheld type.
The high power reader/writer is used to perform measurements where the RFID tag is embedded deep within the concrete.
The handheld reader/writer is used to perform measurements where the RFID tag is covered by a smaller depth of concrete. It can perform measurements easily, with the touch of a button.

Measurement results are color-coded (with blinking indications and color bars) in each reader/writer application.
esult identification criteria have been developed based on the results of extensive experiments.

This product is certified conformant with the Japanese Radio Act.
It must be certified with local radio laws before use outside of Japan.

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