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WIMORFID diagnosis technology for concrete structures

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Structure information management
using i-CON Spacer

What is i-CON Spacer?

i-CON Spacer is a mortar spacer with built in IC tag.
By utilizing IC tags with unique IDs, i-CON Spacer enables management of information required for the maintenance operation and management of structures. Furthermore, by utilizing links with external systems and various types of management information, i-CON Spacer realizes an IoT (Internet of Things) for structures.


Similar to conventional mortar spacers, i-CON Spacer is used as a part for securing the thickness of concrete cover. It is affixed to rebar using a dedicated jig.

The name i-CON Spacer was coined by combining the phrase "Information Concrete Spacer."
i-CON Spacer and the i-CON Spacer logo are registered trademarks of Taiheiyo Cement Corporation.


▼ Similar to conventional mortar spacers, i-CON Spacer is affixed to the rebar with dedicated jig.

Since i-CON Spacer possesses directional characteristics in its communication, appropriate installation is required.
Please affix the space so that the embedded IC tag is parallel to the concrete surface.
If i-CON Spacer is affixed at an angle of 30° or greater, it may not be possible to receive external wireless communication.
Do not affix the spacer within 15 cm of the concrete pouring surface.


▼ Easy measurement using the handheld reader/writer

Measurement is performed using the handheld reader/writer.
Please position the reader/writer antenna within 30 mm of the concrete surface when performing reading and writing.

How to use i-CON Spacer

By recording the spacer size, confirming the appropriately installed spacers from the concrete surface,
and confirming the existence of spacers, it is possible to prove that cover thickness exists beyond the spacer size.

It is possible to record the results of visual inspection. As proof that close-proximity inspection was performed,
inspection results can be confirmed onsite (at structures). Results can be saved for six inspections of cracking, looseness, peeling, rust fluid, exposed rebar, efflorescence,
pop-out, scuffing, and water leaks.

We can provide utilization systems and customization to meet your needs. Please contact us regarding your requests.
(Separate cost may be incurred for customization.)

This product is certified conformant with the Japanese Radio Act.
It must be certified with local radio laws before use outside of Japan.

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