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Taiheiyo cement Composite cement Design System(TCDS®)

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In the international cement market, the shift to composite cement is advancing rapidly1). In Figure 1, the international cement manufacturing industry reveals that every year, the clinker/cement ratio is decreasing, while the ratio of admixtures used is increasing.
Based on these facts, there will be an increase in consumer demands for composite cement designs.

1) CSI Forum2011:The cement sustainability Initiative.

International cement standards

Expanding the data for multi-component cements, not included in Japanese standards, is crucial for supporting composite cement designs for the international market. However, when considering the fineness of each admixtures and cement types, a vast number of data must be collected, which is difficult to achieve in practice. Hence, the “Taiheiyo cement Composite cement Design System” (TCDS®) was developed. This system can implement a highly accurate prediction technique of data collection, which includes a wide range of composite cement designs.

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