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Skyscrapers soaring upward as if to pierce the sky and highways stretching endlessly on to the ends of the earth have great power to inspire when viewed as great technological achievements demonstrating both wisdom and skill. As wonders of modern civilization that promise an even brighter future, they stand as symbols of human achievement. Our cement business helps create this inspiration by contributing to functional urban spaces, best typified by skyscrapers, as well as roadways, railways, airports, harbors, and other arteries of society. It has played an important role in providing the social infrastructure for today's vibrant lifestyles. Our mission remains unchanged in the 21st century.

Oita Plant
▲Oita Plant
Tokyo Service Station
▲Tokyo Service Station
Sakata Mirai Bridge using Ductal (Yamagata)
▲Sakata Mirai Bridge using Ductal®

Integrating infrastructure development and environmental preservation

The Taiheiyo Cement Group is steadily moving forward in developing new technologies to help build the world of tomorrow while maintaining the right balance between environmental preservation, particularly the fight against climate change and efforts at waste recycling, and infrastructure development to provide a safe and comfortable living environment.

Responding to diverse needs at construction sites

We supply a vast number of construction sites with a variety of products and technologies, including ordinary Portland cement, specialty cement, soil stabilizers, and ready-mixed concrete, used in a wide range of applications. We deliver services specifically tailored to the needs of our customers throughout Japan using our nationwide network of cement distribution facilities, such as Tokyo Service Station.

Providing a steady supply of high-quality cement

The Taiheiyo Cement Group has nine cement plants in Japan. We have achieved world-class energy efficiency and productivity using integrated computer control systems, NSP kilns, and private power generation facilities. We have created an organization capable of providing a steady supply of high-quality cement. All of our plants in Japan have acquired ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 certification, and we are making every effort to control quality and preserve the environment.

New generation of material technology extends far beyond concrete
Ductal® is a next-generation inorganic composite material technology that offers a revolutionary solution in a wide range of fields, notably civil engineering and construction. This new material does not require the rebar used with conventional concrete, and it has superior self-compacting properties that eliminate the need for compacting. This high-performance product features compression strength of 200 N/mm2 and bending strength of 45 N/mm2. It also has a compact structure from minute particles that makes it extremely durable. Ductal® opens up new design possibilities due to its high strength, lightness, and durability. The product is seeing use in steel applications, and we are bringing out new products in a variety of areas. Ductal® is transforming the landscape of Japan, and we are shifting our focus from the present day to the future.

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