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Construction Materials Business

Taiheiyo Cement Group's unique technologies have made possible a variety of products that enhance the beauty of urban environments, including long promenades that extend gracefully alongside rivers, interlocking blocks paving in parks that provide a beautiful contrast with the lawns, and concrete housing that imparts a sense of refinement. These products produce both sharp lines and gentle forms, and they feature distinctive colors to create bright or subdued environments. We will continue developing and providing innumerable products that satisfy the whole range of functional requirements of construction materials that also help to create beautiful scenery.

Large commercial facility using ALC on the exterior wall (Clion Co., Ltd.)
▲Large commercial facility using ALC
on the exterior wall (Clion Co., Ltd.)
Cera-Art Bright (A&A Material Corporation)
▲Cera-Art Bright
(A&A Material Corporation)

Delivering the performance required in each product segment

Taiheiyo Cement Group produces a wide array of precast concrete products required at construction sites. We respond quickly and reliably to orders from construction sites through our nation-wide network that reaches every part of Japan. We are also actively developing high-performance construction materials that utilize our various technologies such as autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC) manufacturing technology, to meet diverse construction and civil engineering needs. Many of our products have won high praise, including acoustic panels used to reduce construction noise and fireproof covering materials used in tunnels. We are also developing products that go beyond our conventional business domains, including power-saving combined-wastewater septic tanks that clean sewage by using microorganisms found in soil.

Maximizing the lifespan of concrete structures

The scrap-and-build era has come to an end as the world has entered a new period of conserving resources by extending usage through maintenance and repair. Concrete structures can have a lifespan of 100 years when maintained properly. Building on our responsibility and confidence as a specialist in cement, we are pursuing a new business in inspecting and assessing concrete structures built in previous years, including buildings, bridges, highways, and tunnels. We assume full responsibility for conducting a detailed analysis, proposing an ideal repair plan, and performing the repair work.

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