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Mineral Resources Business

Japan has undertaken an array of large-scale land reclamation projects since long ago, because it is surrounded by the sea and has a limited amount of flat land. One example is the construction of Kansai International Airport. The Taiheiyo Cement Group has several limestone mines across Japan. The limestone produced at these quarries is used not only as a raw material for cement, but also plays an important role in the steel, chemical, and papermaking industries and is well regarded as a high-quality aggregate in ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, and the civil engineering industry. We are expanding businesses that contribute to society by taking maximum advantage of our abundant resources and expertise.

Garo Quarry (Hokkaido)
▲Garo Quarry (Hokkaido)
White marble (white crystalline limestone)
▲White marble
(white crystalline limestone)
Taking on surplus construction soil
▲Taking on surplus construction soil

Involved mainly in mined aggregates

We primarily sell limestone aggregate produced at quarries around the country. Our main products are course aggregate and fine aggregate used in ready-mixed concrete, but sales of aggregate used in concrete products and aggregate used in civil engineering such as roadbed materials are expanding steadily. We also supply sandstone and andesite as aggregate materials. We have established supply bases in each region and ship directly from these mining facilities.

Supplying a wide array of products, notably limestone

Limestone has multiple functions and is used in a variety of industries. One example is the iron and steel industry. Iron is smelted (refined) from iron ore, and during this refining process, limestone is used to remove impurities. Another example is the papermaking industry, where limestone is used as an essential paper filler and coating material. We handle a variety of products other than limestone, including quicklime, slaked lime, filler, silica, and silica powder. We also use our overseas network to import and sell products that are difficult to obtain in Japan, such as hollow ceramics, sepiolite, wollastonite, and kaolin. Additionally, we export limestone to South Korea and Taiwan and are working to expand beyond Japan to enter limestone markets overseas.

Also involved in landfill material and surplus construction soil

The Mineral Resources Business Department handles a wide array of materials produced from the earth. Soil and sand extracted from our quarries have been used as reclamation material at Kansai International Airport and Central Japan International Airport. These products will continue to be essential for large reclamation projects. We are also involved in recycling surplus construction soil generated during the construction of large buildings and tunnels. We are able to effectively use soil that was previously disposed of in landfills as a raw material in cement and other products.

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