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History of Ecocement

Up to 1993
Amid Taiheiyo Cement's aggressive efforts in the environmental business, including the effective use of scrap tires, the Company began focusing on incineration residue from municipal waste and sludge from sewage, which had been placed in landfills. We believed that they might be able to be used as raw materials for making cement.
1994 to 1996
An experimental study on Ecocement was undertaken in the course of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry project "Research and Development on the Advanced Treatment and Effective Utilization Technology for Domestic and Industrial Waste," and government subsidies were begun. This research project was subcontracted by the government to the Clean Japan Center (CJC) through the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
 Three private-sector companies (Taiheiyo Cement Corporation, Ebara Corporation, and Aso Cement Co., Ltd.) took part, forming a government-private sector joint research project.
We established our Ecocement manufacturing technology based on the results of the experimental study. We reported the results after demonstrating its quality and safety from a variety of angles.
1998 to present

April 2001 The world's first Ecocement facility, Ichihara Ecocement Corporation, commenced operations in Chiba.
July 2002 Ecocement was certified by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
December 2003 Ecocement was added to JIS A 5308 (Ready-mix concrete).
March 2004 Ecocement was added to JIS A 5364 (General rules of materials and production methods for precast concrete products).
March 2004 Ecocement was selected as a designated procurement item as defined by Japan’s Green Purchasing Law.
July 2006 Operation of the Tokyo Tama Ecocement Facility owned by the Tokyo Tama Regional Association for Waste Management and Resource Recycling commenced operation in Hinode-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo.

Ecocement facility

What is Ecocement?

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