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Concrete pavement/Road related technology

What Is Concrete Pavement?   Taiheiyo Cement's Unique Technologies      
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What Is Concrete Pavement?
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Concrete Friendly to the Environment, Our Daily Lives, and Japan Concrete pavement is far more durable than asphalt pavement, and offers lower lifecycle costs.

State of concrete pavement in Japan

Concrete pavement in Japan, covered about 30% of paved road in the past. However, the percentage of concrete pavement accounts only for about 6% in recent years, as shown in the right figure. This rate is lower compared with Europe countries and U.S.

The reason why the concrete pavement has not been widely applied in Japan is thought to be as follows: 1) higher initial cost; 2) later opening of traffic: 3) higher noise and lower comfort in cars riding on it, compared with asphalt pavement.

Today, however, the merit of concrete pavement, which may require less maintenance in the long term, is being re-evaluated from the viewpoint of life-cycle cost. Moreover, the development of new concrete technology, such as the very early strength concrete and the pervious concrete, may make it possible to open road in early stage of construction, as well as improve the tire noise.

Roads are important infrastructure component to support industry and livelihood of people. Concrete pavement can potentially be utilized in ensuring safety and security of society in the coming years.
Ratio of asphalt pavement to concrete pavement share in Japan
Concrete pavement use in Europe and the US

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