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Concrete pavement/Road related technology

What Is Concrete Pavement?   Taiheiyo Cement's Unique Technologies      
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What Is Concrete Pavement?
>Concrete pavement types
Taiheiyo Cement's Unique Technologies


Jointed plain concrete pavement

Jointed plain concrete pavement is applied for traffic roads in our laboratory. The concrete for pavement with a slump of approximately 6.5 cm was transported using truck agitators, placed and finished without heavy road construction equipment.

Roller compacted concrete pavement using eco-cement

Roller compacted concrete pavement using normal eco-cement was experimentally applied. In order to reduce environmental load, the construction uses normal eco-cement made from ash of incinerated municipal waste as the main ingredient.
The concrete is transported using a few dump trucks and leveling is performed using an asphalt finisher/paver. Compacting was performed using a vibrating roller and tire roller.
This construction seeks to realize pavement which reduces environmental load in terms of materials, and which uses high-durability concrete pavement in consideration of the lifecycle for both environmental and cost benefits.

Construction information

Location : Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture

Period : March 2014

Area : 270㎡


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Pervious concrete pavement (road usage/high-performance)

Pervious concrete pavement, which realizes driving safety and comfort during rain, was applied for roads and parking. Pervious concrete of Taiheiyo Cement is high flexural strength and satisfies the targeted value for vehicle roads. In this example, we also performed test construction for high-performance porous concrete pavement to which high-strength concrete technology has been applied in order to further increase porosity, permeability, and drainage capacity. In addition to possessing an even higher level of permeability, the primary water storage of high-performance pervious concrete is 1.3 times that of conventional pervious concrete. Therefore, this concrete is expected to help to suppress flood disaster in urban area.
For test construction, concrete is manufactured at a ready-mixed concrete plant and transported using a few truck agitators. Leveling is performed using an asphalt finisher/paver and the surface is finished using a hand guide roller.

Construction information

Location : Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture

Period : November 2013

Area : 420㎡


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Interlocking concrete block pavement

We conducted test construction using interlocking concrete blocks which possess a variety of functionality and performance, including permeability which improves the safety and comfort of driving/walking during rain, and water retention and thermal insulation which reduces the road surface temperature and suppresses increases in ambient temperature. In addition to serviceability, we also confirmed the effect of reducing road surface temperature. In this test construction, we used normal eco-cement in order to achieve further reductions in environmental load.

Construction information

Location : Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture

Period : March 2014

Area : 260㎡


  1. Hiroaki Nakamura and Kenichi Matsumoto: "Study of Road Surface Temperature Characteristics of Various Types of Interlocking Block Pavements", the 31st Conference of the Japan Road Association, 3043, 2015

Early-opening-to-traffic cement concrete pavement (very high early strength, rapid-hardening, high early-strength)

The Taiheiyo Cement Group possesses two types of rapid-hardening concrete. This technology makes it possible to shorten the curing time and traffic opening periods for concrete pavement, and can be applied to repair, strengthening and reconstruction of pavement. Currently, we can support curing completion time from 3 hours to 24 hours, including the product "1 DAYPAVE" developed by the Japan Cement Association. Until now, we have performed test construction at the two locations listed below. At both locations, we confirmed superior workability and high strength after completion of curing in the prescribed period of time. Currently, we are continuing to confirm the service condition of the locations. After about one year from the start of service, we have confirmed that favorable conditions are maintained at both locations.
Super Jet Concrete
>Onoda Chemico co., ltd

This concrete uses the very high early strength cement "Super Jet Cement" and is manufactured using the dedicated batching and mixing track mixer called the “Batcher-Jet-Mixer-Track” which is located on the construction site.

Facet Concrete
>Taiheiyo Materials corporation

This rapid-hardening concrete is manufactured onsite by adding the rapid-hardening admixture called “Facet” to ready mixed concrete.

>Japan Cement Association

This concrete enables completion of curing in a 24-hour period without using special materials or construction equipment.


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CASE 1 Test construction in Sanyo-Onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Construction information

Location : Sanyo-onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture  Period : November 2013  Area : 246㎡

Test results
Test results
CASE 2 Test construction in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture

Construction information

Location : Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture  Period : November 2014  Area : 111㎡

打込み状況/ほうき目仕上げ/養生 施工前の状態/施工後の状態
Test results
Test results

Repairing materials for concrete pavement

① Surface treatment method

We conducted thin-layer repairs using repair materials envisioned for areas subject to frictional wear.

Chichibu Crete Box-P
>Chichibu concrete industry.,co.,ltd

② Patching method

We conducted partial repairs using repair materials envisioned for broken corners and potholes.

Taiheiyo Gum-Late Mortar
>Taiheiyo material corportion

③ Reconstruction method

We conducted test construction which envisioned the partial replacing method using rapid-hardening concrete.

Super Jet Concrete
>Onoda Chemico co., ltd

>Taiheiyo material corportion


Concrete pavement in the central research laboratory

Various types of concrete pavement, porous concrete, interlocking block, repaired section and so on, are applied for roads and parking in our Central Research Laboratory.
Every visitor can observe all pavements.

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