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Concrete pavement/Road related technology

What Is Concrete Pavement?   Taiheiyo Cement's Unique Technologies      
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What Is Concrete Pavement?
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Taiheiyo Cement's Unique Technologies
SMART JET CONCRETE® is easier to work than very high early strength concrete hardening steel fiber reinforced concrete, as well as offering less shrinkage and a greater amount of durability.
It can be used not only as bridge deck overlay concrete, but also as surface layer concrete for bridge pavement.


Ready for traffic use early

The exceptional workability and ultra-rapid hardening of this concrete makes it possible to perform work at night and use the pavement for traffic before the following morning.

Reduced cracking through low shrinkage level

This concrete has a low level of autogenous shrinkage, helping reduce initial cracking.

High durability due to high structural density

Expansive additives produce a high degree of hardening structure density, protecting the concrete floor slabs from salt water damage.


Very high early strength
SMART JET CONCRETE® offers strength development equivalent to that of very high early strength concrete. It has just the right consistency, and can be worked even using low-noise, compact finishers. Repairs to roads and bridges in urban areas are often performed at night in consideration of vehicle traffic, resulting in the need for reduced construction noise and the ability to use roads for traffic in the following morning. SMART JET CONCRETE® meets these needs.
Cracking resistance
Hydration reactions occur quickly in ultra-rapid hardening concrete cement, so it is said to undergo a large amount of autogenous shrinkage strain from immediately after placing. SMART JET CONCRETE® contains expansive additives that reduce initial shrinkage strain and help curb initial cracking.
Autogenous shrinkage strain
Dense hardening structure prevents salt penetration
SMART JET CONCRETE® has a dense microstructure thanks to the effects of the expansive additives it contains. This increased microstructure density prevents the penetration of external agents, such as chloride, which act on concrete, helping reduce concrete degradation. The figure at right shows the chloride penetration depth and concentration of a specimen representing an environment used antifreeze agent. The salt usage conditions for both samples were identical, but the depth of salt penetration in the SMART JET CONCRETE® sample is far less than that of the very high early strength concrete in steel fiber, showing its effectiveness in reducing chloride penetration.
EPMA mapping image

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