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Concrete pavement/Road related technology

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What Is Concrete Pavement?
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Tohaicrete (Pervious concrete)
Tohaicrete is a pervious concrete for use in pavements which offers exceptional permeability and drainage.
It uses a dedicated inorganic special admixture for high porosity and strength, making it suitable for vehicle use.
In addition to providing stability and high visibility when driving in rainy conditions, it also helps reduce road noise.
It is exceptionally durable, highly resistant to rutting and aggregate scattering from stationary steering of tires.


Rapid rainwater drainage

This concrete excels at drainage due to its high porosity, rapidly draining rainwater.

Driving safety

Rapid drainage prevents rainwater from being collected on the road surface, resulting in improved visibility, reducing hydroplaning, and improving driving safety.

Reduced road noise

The presence of pores on the pavement surface helps reduce road noise.


High coefficient of permeability and flexural strength
Tohaicrete has a 15 to 20% void ratio, and a coefficient of permeability of 0.01cm/sec or more. Thanks to this high coefficient of permeability, rainwater can seep into the pores to realize the permeable and/or drainage pavement. It also uses special admixture, producing a flexural strength of 4.5N/mm2 for age of 28 days, making it suitable for vehicular road use.
Reduced vehicle driving noise
The presence of pores in the road surface reduces the amount of air pumping caused by the compression and release of air trapped between the tire and the road surface, as well as absorbing tire acceleration and engine noises. These help it reduce the overall amount of vehicle driving noise.
Road surface noise levels
Performance restoration
The flexural strength of the binder in Tohaicrete is higher than that of porous asphalt mixtures, preventing pore collapse due to heavy load-bearing traffic. Permeability and/or drainage performance which has been reduced due to pores clogged with dirt or detritus can be easily restored by removing the dirt and detritus through high pressure water spraying.
Examples of performance restoration

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