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Concrete pavement/Road related technology

What Is Concrete Pavement?   Taiheiyo Cement's Unique Technologies      
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What Is Concrete Pavement?
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The sustainable benefits of concrete pavement

Reduced lifecycle costs
Concrete pavement is said to have higher construction costs than asphalt pavement. However, concrete pavement enjoys various advantages over asphalt pavement, such as superior levels of durability, strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and oil resistance. These make it superior to asphalt from the perspective of maintenance and management, with a lower frequency of maintenance and correspondingly lower maintenance costs, resulting in reduced life-cycle costs.
Comparative example of lifecycle costs based on actual usage data
Reduced environmental impact
Concrete pavement has received an attention for its environmental impact reduction benefits. Concrete pavement is almost white, giving it a high road reflection rate. This helps reduce road surface heating and the consequent incidence of urban heat island phenomena. Concrete pavement is also harder than asphalt pavement, which helps improve fuel efficiency, especially for large vehicles.
Example of actual road temperatures
Ensuring safety
The road reflection rate of concrete pavement is higher than that of asphalt pavement. This results in greater road visibility in tunnels and at night, improving safety levels for both vehicles and pedestrians. High road visibility also leads to reduced lighting costs.
Images for road visibility

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